Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Favorite Childhood Games

1. TV tag - a cross between TV show title hangman and tag. Whoever's it draws spaces in the dirt for each letter of a TV show title. Other take turns guessing letters in the title. The player that guess the title, yells it out and then runs to a designated object, tags it and runs back to home base while the "IT" player tried to tag chases them and tries to tag them.

2. Kick the can - like tag, one person is it. As they tag people they take them back to a central location where the can is. Players that haven't been tagged can kick the can and release the already tagged players.

3. Side and seek

4. Barbie - something my sister and I played. One of use would pretend to be a Barbie doll and the other would pose them in funny positions

5. Sack of Potatoes - something I played with my brother. I lay limp, pretending to be a sack of potatoes and my brother would come pick me up over his shoulder, walk around the house with me and end by throwing me down on the bed, like a sack of potatoes

6. 10 deadly kisses - this sounds strange I know. I only played this with my sister when I was really young. She would lay on her back and I would sit on her and try to give her 10 "deadly" kisses. I don't really get why this was fun but it was. My sister's a nut and loves making up games, even now at 37!

7. This game didn't have a name but my sister would lay on her back with her knees up and I would sit on her knees. She would ask me "trivia" questions and if I got the answer wrong she'd open her legs and I would fall through "the trap door"

8. Crane - This was a game I played with my dad. One of his hands would be the crane and his other hand would be the controls for the crane. The "crane" would inevitably malfunction and end up tickling me or something silly.

9. The Game of Life - I loved it just cause of the fun board I think. I ate some of the "people" once and my dad stuck his finger down my throat to make me throw up! lol

10. Trivial Pursuit - although I had no idea how to play this game I loved playing with the board, cards and pieces. Surprisingly I never tried to eat the pie pieces.

Wow, my family plays some strange games! LOL Good memories though!

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  1. awww, I miss Trivialm Pursuit with my family! We used to play it at Xmas and cmaping sitting around the fire. Girls against boys. Girls always won ;)