Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Things I Love Tuesday

Since I've never really used this blog for blogging and more for posting scrapbook work I decided to take a challenge from Cori-Lyn and post 10 Things every Tuesday. Here goes!

10 Things I Love

1. I love Gilmore Girls. This show makes me laugh so much.

2. I love kitties! Big or little, young or old, there aren't many I don't love. Aside from my two, my current favorite is my mom's new kitty Morris. He's so cute and so mischievous.

3. I love the look of fresh fallen snow glistening under the street lights.

4. I love the view from my parents living room. There are three large picture windows looking out at the river and spring, summer, fall or winter it's always beautiful!

5. I love watching squirrels play. I didn't realize this until I moved to Fredericton. There are so many squirrels here.


6. I love signing at the top of my lungs to dramatic songs. I think I should have studied musical theatre.

7. I love the smell of matches.

8. I love black licorice.

9. I love math.

10. I love Ron Sexsmith. He's my favorite musician of all time!


1 comment:

  1. I've never watched Gilmore Girls, but one of the girls on there looks like the girl from Parenthood the TV show.
    I like kitties a lot too, but i don't like their fur on my floor! Love my kitty and puppy but look forward to being animal hair free someday.
    I love snow like that too! I love watching it from the inside of my house! HAHA
    Sounds like your parents have a great view. Wish my mom was closer to the river, we can only see it in the winter, late fall and early spring before leaves on the trees
    When I was in Edmonton, I would park downtown and I liked to watch the bunny in my lot. He was always there every morning when I pulled in.
    I like to sing too! Love the Satilite radio for listening to the 90's on 9! I know all the words still! LOL
    Matches not so much...but love the smell of a freshly cut lawn
    not a fan of licorice of any flavor or color
    I like math if I have a calculator....haha
    I have never heard of Ron Sexsmith will have to look him up.