Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Week in Review

Once again I've been busy, busy but have no completed work to post for you.

I started working on the Soul Restoration course at Brave Girls Club. I AM LOVING IT! Melody and  her team are so inspirational! If you do nothing else on their site, you should at least sign up for the Daily Truths. They are beautiful and will make you feel great!

I have also been working on creating an animated gif for a friends website. She is very demanding so it's taking a bit long than I anticipated but she's awesome so I help where I can.

Last month, Carol at Queen Be Altered Needs was giving away a RAK consisting of some vintage photos and books. I was one of the luck winners and received her package this week.

And look what I found in the books! A four leaf clover! How lucky is that!

And a bobby pin! You can tell by thickness of the metal that it's old and I love it!

Thank you Carol for the pictures, books and extra treasures!


  1. oh that is super awesome Megan!!! and ps...I am not that demanding HAHA!!!

    xo alissa

  2. Unexpected finds are awesome . . . and sometimes very lucky!


  3. Exciting treasures! Love old photos and trinkets!

  4. Meg you are so welcome. A four leaf clover! How about that, I had no idea that was in there. Enjoy your new old treasures!! Carol