Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alissa's Headband

When my friend Alissa found out I was on the Epiphany Craft Fashion Design Team she gave me a Prima headband to create something with.
Alissa loves pink and since I was going to give the headband to her it definitely had to be pink!
I started by wrapping the headband with pink ribbon/fibber. Then I added the bottom flower from an Epiphany Crafts Frayed Flower in cherry. I couldn't decide which Epiphany Crafts Vintage Setting I wanted to add to the headband. So, I add a piece of Velcro to the headband and the two different setting so they could be interchangeable. I choose an EC Vintage Setting from the Tea Room collection and one from the Cabana collection. I finished the settings by adding EC Bubble Cap Round 14s. These were customized, with a heart and a flourish, using the EC Shape Studio Tool Round 14.
Alissa loves her headband and especially loves that she has two setting to choose from.
This is the Vintage Setting from the Tea Room collection.

Here's the Vintage Setting from the Cabana collection.

Here's my friend's daughter, Amanda, modelling the headband for me :)
Thanks Amanda!


  1. Love the headband!! Very Alissa!!

  2. This is just too cute and looks great on her.

  3. Alissa love love loves her new headband!!! xox thank you megan!!

  4. fabulous darling!!! totally fabulous!!!