Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 On Wednesday...again

I keep missing this on Tuesday.

10 Things I Want To Do Before Winter

1. Rake ALL the leave in my yard.....this is the first house I've lived in where I had to rake and I have yet, in the three years I've been here, have the yard completely cleaned up before it snows but this year I will do it or pay someone to

2. Loose 25 pounds....if I make an honest effort this is totally obtainable.

3. Get in snow shoveling shape....I'm in no physical condition to shovel right now so I need to exercise more and build those core muscles!

4. Use some old scrappy supplies....cause I have to make room for new stuff!

5. Get a sofa table....I bought a Christmas village last year and I need a place to put it where the cats don't current lay.

6. Rewire my Christmas village.....each house has a switch on the bottom of it to turn on the lights inside. I want to rewire them so I can turn them all on with the flick of a switch and not have to pick up every house to turn them on.

7. Get new flooring in my basement.....not sure if this will happen or not but I wish it would.

8. Buy a new purse.....I have been looking and looking for a new purse and I just can't find one I like....still hunting though.

9.  Get new taps for the bathroom

10. Touch up paint around the house

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